Where to Meet Girls and Get a Girlfriend

Where to Meet Girls in College

You know how you can know a girl for a while, and at a certain point she can start sending you signals?

If this doesn’t happen to you very often, it’s probably because you have accidentally isolated yourself.

It’s easy to fix that.

In most cases, when a guy is successful with girls and has lots of friends, it’s because he’s accidentally done something without even realizing what he’s done.  He’s picked places to work, live and have fun where:

  • He has a lot in common with the people who are there
  • Everyone is bound to become acquaintances as the months roll by

It’s not long some of these people become friends and some of the girls become interested in him.  It’s really just a matter of making a few good choices

Suppose you are a college student. You can automatically get to know lots of students who go to your school – including girls – by doing these simple things:

  1. Get an apartment across the street from your school.  No matter where you live, you’ll become acquaintances with people who live on your floor of your apartment.  If you live across the street from school, you’ll get to know some students, including some girls.
  2. Get a part time job where you are bound to become acquaintances with students.  How could people work behind the counter of a deli every Tuesday afternoon without becoming acquaintances?  Just make sure the deli has lots of students working there and at least half are girls.  If so, apply.
  3. Join a student group.  How could students put out the student paper, be on the music programs, or be in the politics club without getting to know each other?  If you want girlfriends, make sure it’s not an all male group.  Look for a group that has at least 50% girls.
  4. Have roommates.  Instead of living alone, share a place with another student.  You’ll get to know him, his girlfriend, perhaps her roommate, and some of the other friends of your roommate that stop by your apartment from time to time.

The key to success is having a feeder system – places where you will automatically become acquaintances with people you have a lot in common with.

What Could Go Wrong?where to meet girls

Don’t accidentally isolate yourself.  If you are a college student:

  • Don’t live 20 blocks from school, in a building where most people are older than you.
  • Don’t live in a place by yourself.
  • Don’t take a part time job where you will never get to know some students, including girls.
  • Don’t avoid student groups or join an all male group.

Most guys never think about this – but you should.  Think about the girlfriends you’ve already had, and the girlfriends your friends have already had.  How did it happen?

Thrown Together by CircumstancePaar

In most cases, when a guy gets a girlfriend, the guy and girl were “thrown together by circumstance.”  Maybe they both got a part time job at a deli and both worked the Tuesday afternoon shift. Months went by, they got to know each other, and one day she starts sending signals, flirting, complementing, touching a little.

If a student happens to live across the street from school, he may become acquaintances with four girls who live in his building.  Then six more girls on various shifts of his deli job.  Perhaps twelve more at the politics club.  Perhaps a few more because of girls he gets to know through his roommate.

That’s about 25 girls.  Every month you talk with all of them, some more often than others.  Most girls want a boyfriend.  You are acquaintances with 25 of them.  It’s just a matter of time until one let’s you know that you can have her if you want.

Here are the essentials:

  • Lots in common.  You know how a guy and girl can have enough in common so they could be together?  THESE are the girls you want to become acquaintances with.  If you’re a student, you want to become acquaintances with other students.
  • Automatically get to know each other.  You know how you can know a girl for a while and at some point she can start sending you signals?  If you try to put the moves on a girl you just met you may get rejected, but if you get to know lots of girls it’s just a matter of time before one takes a liking to you.

Chances are, you are not a loser.  If you don’t have two or three girls a year coming on to you, sending you signals, letting you know they want you, the most likely reason you are not succeeding with lots of girls is simply that you have accidentally isolated yourself.

Right now, many people are you acquaintances with?  If you want friends and girlfriends, ask yourself:

How many people are there – right now – that you that you have a lot in common with and talk to at least once or twice a month?

Is the number 25, or 2?

It makes a BIG difference.

I know, and you know, that the students who live in apartments across the street from school are hooking up, but the students who live 20 blocks from campus in a building where everyone is at least 10 years older just are NOT getting lucky.

Get it?

Maybe 5% of guys are just so hot, or cool, or whatever, that girls just fall all over them.

The other 95% of guys get most of their girlfriends when they and some girl are “thrown together by circumstance” in a situation where they are bound to talk again and again, and become acquaintances.

If you and a girl have enough in common where you could be together, and you two end up in some place where you are bound to talk again and again, there is a good chance you will end up together at some point.  If you know 25 girls like this, you’ll probably have at least a few of these girls want you every year.

As you make key decisions about where to live, where to work, what to do on the weekends, and who to live with, make sure you do not accidentally isolate yourself. Instead, make sure you’ll become acquaintances with lots of people that you have a lot in common with.  This is so easy to do.  And, it’s the difference between being isolated and alone, or having lots of people you know, with some of the guys becoming your buddies and some of the girls becoming your girlfriends.